Curse - Septiplier

Curse - Septiplier

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Can't Stop Won't Stop Writing By author144 Updated 16 hours ago

Jack is a prince in a Kingdom nestled in the mountains, and he is well acquainted with his people and his life. However, he's definitely not ready to take over his term as the King yet. There's too much that he hasn't done yet, and even with the other Kingdom he's supposed to ally with his own through marriage growing frustrated and restless with their weapons, Jack refuses; girls aren't really his type anyway.

Mark is a solider for the King's army, and has been all his life. He is aware that the other kingdom is ready for war, and he is going to be the one to fight them. Even so, his general assigns him the role of persuading the prince into marriage by protecting him as he does what he wants, but always reminding him of his duties - an order that Mark ignores.

Only after they start spending time with each other do both men realize they found themselves in a situation much more than they bargained for.

CrankyEthan CrankyEthan Dec 15, 2016
I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love ;) 😂 i love hamilton
septiplier_feels_tho septiplier_feels_tho Dec 23, 2016
Yea that's right Jack feel disgusted! You'll feel allot better when ur with Mark doing stuff ;)
dedetiger dedetiger Jan 12
My mom want to braid my horse Magics mane and take pictures with flowers in his mane xd
Aren-Micheal24016 Aren-Micheal24016 Jul 20, 2016
This reminds me of a book I read. The Idiot That Stole my Heart.
corgisforclosers corgisforclosers Aug 19, 2016
No your gonna put my two otps head to head like this, whyyy?
Hollyleaf- Hollyleaf- Sep 30, 2016
Wow father I'll act excited in a marriage that in being forced into, WOW YES DEFINITELY 😋😄😐😑