Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

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Sam-OverDaTopFangirl By LilDrawerSam Completed

Hey its me and I noticed how little Ink Sans x Readers there are so here we go.

Your a girl.

Your bullies dragged you to the hole to the underground and threw you in.When you got to Snowdin you did a favor for Sans and somthing Unexpected happened.You turn to be cunfused and scared.

This contains no lemons and the art for the cover isn't mine I just edited it all rights go to the original owners.Thank you and enjoy!

Y/N = Your Name
F/C = Favorite Color
H/C = Hair Color
E/C = Eye color
And there might be more so I'll explain it later when I use them if not then go ahead and start reading.

except for my parents hating me and being thrown in to mount Ebbott, this is pretty accurate!
Phosec Phosec Oct 20
Me:*jumps back up and kills all the bullies Abd brings their souls with you*
                              5 min later~
                              Me:*broke the barrier*
If my Asian mom saw this
                              *takes flip flop off*
                              "WAI CHU DO DAT TO MAI DAUGHTAH HUH?"
                              *waving flip flop in the air, then hits one of the bullies in the face with the flip flop*
                              Nah jk my mom's chill
firewaffles firewaffles Jul 31
For all they know they just killed someone what with all this bullies trying to kill me
blueberry is kawaii~
                              porcupines are prickly~
                              all i can say, is that escalated quickly
Me: *breaks barrier*
                              Sans: Now where are those punks? They are gonna have a bad time...