Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

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Sam-OverDaTopFangirl By LilDrawerSam Completed

Hey its me and I noticed how little Ink Sans x Readers there are so here we go.

Your a girl.

Your bullies dragged you to the hole to the underground and threw you in.When you got to Snowdin you did a favor for Sans and somthing Unexpected happened.You turn to be cunfused and scared.

This contains no lemons and the art for the cover isn't mine I just edited it all rights go to the original owners.Thank you and enjoy!

Y/N = Your Name
F/C = Favorite Color
H/C = Hair Color
E/C = Eye color
And there might be more so I'll explain it later when I use them if not then go ahead and start reading.

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Ac-Purply-Trash Ac-Purply-Trash Jul 08, 2017
... well fuckkkkk youuu! 
                              If I die (I won't) I WILL HAUNT YOU SO FRWAKING BAD DISKSJSISSK
ShiningUmbreon03 ShiningUmbreon03 May 09, 2017
But wait, the Oc Im using has wings... Meh, I'll say that one is broken
_Glyx_ _Glyx_ Apr 19, 2017
Put spaces after a sentence. Like this:
                              "They picked you up and threw you down while laughing. Good thing wanted to die anyway."
momokitty6 momokitty6 Mar 19, 2017
blood is red
                              bruises are blue
                              all I want to say is
                              Bullys.....F*** you
InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Apr 01, 2017
Wait... those kids didn't even care if they just committed murder??? Wtf is wrong with 16 year olds?
That_0ne_awkward_kid That_0ne_awkward_kid Jul 11, 2017
                              Author: say ru a boy?
                              Me:no just wanted to point that out...
                              THE END!!)