Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

Creative Beauty (Ink Sans X Reader FanFic)~Complete~

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Sam-OverDaTopFangirl By LilDrawerSam Completed

Hey its me and I noticed how little Ink Sans x Readers there are so here we go.

Your a girl.

Your bullies dragged you to the hole to the underground and threw you in.When you got to Snowdin you did a favor for Sans and somthing Unexpected happened.You turn to be cunfused and scared.

This contains no lemons and the art for the cover isn't mine I just edited it all rights go to the original owners.Thank you and enjoy!

Y/N = Your Name
F/C = Favorite Color
H/C = Hair Color
E/C = Eye color
And there might be more so I'll explain it later when I use them if not then go ahead and start reading.

Phosec Phosec Oct 20, 2016
Me:*jumps back up and kills all the bullies Abd brings their souls with you*
                              5 min later~
                              Me:*broke the barrier*
DaKawaiiPopato DaKawaiiPopato Aug 07, 2016
If my Asian mom saw this
                              *takes flip flop off*
                              "WAI CHU DO DAT TO MAI DAUGHTAH HUH?"
                              *waving flip flop in the air, then hits one of the bullies in the face with the flip flop*
                              Nah jk my mom's chill
Sprinkles-the-Cat Sprinkles-the-Cat Oct 24, 2016
Me: *breaks barrier*
                              Sans: Now where are those punks? They are gonna have a bad time...
SnowyWolfpup3 SnowyWolfpup3 Dec 05, 2016
When you read the description: "No lemons"
                              (OVO       ) Ready to die~?
Liz_the_fan Liz_the_fan Feb 01
Roses Are Red Cactus Are Prickly Let Me Just Say That Escalated Quickly
-_Hiromi_- -_Hiromi_- Aug 31, 2016
                              *hits them with a large bone*
                              Hell no you freaks!
                              Who said you can diddlty darn touch me?