Betrayal hurts and.......... helps? (Amourshipping)

Betrayal hurts and.......... helps? (Amourshipping)

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Ash finally gets home from his journey in unova. What will happen when all of his friends turn their  backs on him thinking he is weak. When things go south he disappears of the face of the earth? How long and where is he? Where will he go if he does come back? Will he be emotionless and cold, or will he be the same happy go lucky hero we all know and love? What happened to the same dense ash that we used to know. Well there's only one way to find out.

Please tell me if you enjoy and want me to keep writing this or if i should just quit because i am horrible writer and this is my first fanfic ever so please no hate. (Well a little constructive criticism is ok but no hate)

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Pokemon or any of its characters no suing necessary. Also if i accidentally copy anothers story then please don't flame i promise on my life that whatever i wrote here i pulled out of my head.

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meistheking meistheking May 24, 2017
A bit rushed but if you are updating everyday then this is off the charts and into Harry potty good
Yet if it wasn't for Ash she would have still been scared of Pokemon and would have sold Torchic
bugalugga bugalugga Jun 05, 2016
Im planning on giving him all his pokemon that he captures in kalos so dont sweat it froakie will be in the next chap
XtremePikachu1 XtremePikachu1 Jul 12, 2016
wait if they were previously Ash's Pokémon couldn't he just return them in their old pokeballs?