PASTEL BOY <3 (Kellic)

PASTEL BOY <3 (Kellic)

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bAnDs__1326 By bAnDs__1326 Updated Jul 23, 2016

Vic: very pastel, Very quiet, adorable. One flaw: eating disorder. 

Kellin: Vic's bully, punk, perfect life. 

After Vic was walking home from school, he gets beaten up by an unknown gang, even worse, raped. Then kellin so happens to see Vic, naked, and broken. 

Will kellin help Vic? Or leave him stranded to fend for himself?

**ppl do a lot of Pastel!kellin! And Punk!Vic! So I rly wanted to switch it up.
Lol kill me**

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boxofbluecrayons boxofbluecrayons Dec 24, 2017
vic's going to be the next thing placed in those lips *wink wonk*
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Aug 01, 2017
I'm lesbian and at my last school there were these straight chicks that used to ask me on dates to see if I'd say yes. It was infuriating.
takethetrain takethetrain Nov 11, 2017
kellin, I'd call you a dïck if I didn't like dïck, so stop being a jerk
godhateseverything godhateseverything Mar 21, 2017
Calm down Mr. I can put my dick in everything. It's a school and trust do not want to own the school.😂
90sTHINGS 90sTHINGS Aug 19, 2017
you have to call your classmates peasants, only to fit in with the douchey "this is my kingdom" theme
gucci2005 gucci2005 Aug 05, 2017
Same but I have learned to accept my chubby tummy and my chubby thighs