Why Am I In Love With Bad Luck?! Karma X Reader

Why Am I In Love With Bad Luck?! Karma X Reader

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Sexy Ketchup❤️ By krm-akabitchi Updated May 12

Once upon a time, a stubborn girl followed a cat. Yes, a damn cat. And she was following that cat.
but then, she heard a loud noise of yelling. She went and took a peek behind a wall, and saw a red headed boy
beating up two big bullies. The girl watched the red headed boy kicking and punching the two men. 

And you know what the girl did? 

She interrupted the fight and yelled "DO YOU OWN THIS CAT?!" 

Like seriously, who the heck interrupts a fight by saying a stupid question? 

And that's where her adventure began in 3-E class. (Y/N) isn't smart. She's bad at fighting and she has no skill for assassination. She tries to fight and make karma notice her :^) 

"She's a stubborn idiot who calls herself an assassin...
But maybe that's what makes her interesting"---Karma Akabane

XD what kind of explanation is this? It's sounds like a guy is telling me something but he's drunk
XD this reminds me of the song "fight for me" from Heather's the musical
pikirsa pikirsa Aug 21
Karma can you do us fan girls a fav and pervade some fan service
"HOKY SHET ITS THAT AKABANE DUDE" that my favorite line in this chapter XD
I'm incredibly proud that I have bitch slapped a frickin fridge
Nova-Galaxy Nova-Galaxy Jul 06
I'm already insane. But so what if I'm crazy? All the best people are.