Forcefully Married ✅

Forcefully Married ✅

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"You should have told me before that you weren't interested in me" I yelled at my so called husband Samad. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

"Jawariyah please try to understand" Samad said but this time I won't.

"From two years only I am trying to understand..... Only I am the one who's compromising... Why not you?" I questioned him. I know I was the one who was being harsh this time but that's enough.

"Jawariyah.. You are not the only one who's compromising..." He yelled as his jaws clinched and he pulled me closer.. Closer to his body.. His chest... His heart..


They both are married to each other but are totally:
She's sweet, kind, beautiful, caring and afraid.. Afraid of anger afraid of loneliness... Scared of darkness...

He's arrogant, rude, angry, bitter but a true lover... He's all what she hated.. He's rich.. He's handsome.. 

Mistakes.. Misunderstandings.. Miseries.. All these three words would shatter their life.. Their love.

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