Last Confessions

Last Confessions

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       Picture of Emberly above

  What feels like the end, is often the


"Emberly wake up were leaving soon." My mom yelled from down the stairs 

"Yeah alright." I yawned crawling out of bed getting ready to take a shower 

Today's the day my mom has picked to move to Texas 



Complete and utter sarcasm. 

I mean I get why she's doing it I mean we have some bad memories here, but she just expects us to pack up our lives and leave? 

I guess I might have a better life in whatever part of Texas to which we were leaving to, but Texas? 

I mean that was the last place I expected my mom to choose I honestly thought we'd be moving to Peru before we ever ended up in texas. 

"Emberly hurry up!" My brother Aiden whined 

"I'm coming!" I yelled throwing my now wet blonde hair into a loose braid

"Thanks." I smiled snatching the crispy bagel out of aidens hands 

"Hey! That was mine!" Aiden whined l...

Yes....yes I have ;-; well my lil bro was singing let it go...
So me and then I'll be in ny head like why did you wear this and why didn't they leave.
Assassin_of_Shadows Assassin_of_Shadows Dec 21, 2016
Nope but I can say that I've woken up to my brothers screaming out the lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Both of them oh and their four and five years older than me