Rain   ||iwaoi||

Rain ||iwaoi||

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Hatari By hqheaven Completed

I stand here in the rain,
A million miles away.


When it rains, the memories come back and the pain spreads.
I wish I could hold you right now, but I'm left alone in a cold autumn rain.

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Nah darkness is my friend. The only thing I hate about darkness is that I fear some monster is gonna pop up out of nowhere in the dark and kill me, but killing me wont be such a bad idea
Luckily I’m not alone anymore but sometimes I feel like it
Lunamish Lunamish Nov 02, 2017
why do humans gotta be so judgemental these days like seriously.. :/
naoyasu naoyasu Mar 01
me too man (": mirrors and dolls are some of my greatest fears 
                              altho surprisingly i have overcome my fear of spiders
naoyasu naoyasu Mar 03
                              rain somehow makes everything feel lighter in a weird way
Whelp... Now I know that this is angst. Im reading it anyway