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Percy Jackson Roleplay

Percy Jackson Roleplay

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MiMi By demi_hunter Updated Jan 08

Just like the name suggests. A role play rotating around Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter once the 7 and their friends are all grown up

- - Sep 27, 2016
I RP in third person.. like:
                              Ayame looked at the girl and nodded..
                              ^Is that ok?
Somedorkytrilogies Somedorkytrilogies Sep 03, 2016
@demi_hunter (can we have Chiron at The Big House. We need him for our plot!)
Blaize Rekk
                              Blaize Rekk was 9 when his mom died from a unknown cause his father left him when he was 2
                              Just arriving
                              Red hair,gold eyes,snake bites,red skinnies,red v-neck,red vans
                              Sassy,kind,sweet,hot headed,loveable,loyal
                              Dosent know yet
                              Bow and arrow,sword
Question, could I have a character I already have, but adapt it to fit this?
WAIT your oc is immune to fire but that is SUPER RARE and Valdez was a person that was the first one immune SINCE YEARS even since the great fire (which was caused by someone immune and controls fire) im not saying it isnt possible but its rare but its a good idea though