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Percy Jackson Roleplay

Percy Jackson Roleplay

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MiMi By demi_hunter Updated Jan 08

Just like the name suggests. A role play rotating around Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter once the 7 and their friends are all grown up

Is it ok if my character is a legacy of one but the son of another? If not, it's fine, but I was thinking up an idea for a character.
1CeriseWood 1CeriseWood May 29
Cerise Wood
                              Background: Doesn't know her mother in foster care
                              Red hair, Blue eyes and pale skin
                              Personality: Shy, quiet and nerdy 
                              power: Lighting, can fly some
                              Weapon: two daggers
I've looked through your book, and I saw you have no Apollo cabin. Where do we go?
PanzarHawk PanzarHawk Jun 12
Does my OC need to be a demigod? I've an idea for a mortal character that I really like.
Name: Hazel  Grey
                              Age: 14
                              Parents: Athena and a mortal father
                              Cabin: Athena's cabin
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Appearance: long black hair dip dyed electric blue with grey eyes
ReachForTheLight ReachForTheLight Sep 27, 2016
I RP in third person.. like:
                              Ayame looked at the girl and nodded..
                              ^Is that ok?