My Badboy Nemesis and Me

My Badboy Nemesis and Me

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Snigdha By iicherrywindspearii Updated Aug 18, 2016

Mackenzie Edwards, is no way like a normal teenage girl. She is the school's soccer team co-captain. She's got the brains and the looks. She is childlike, funny, sarcastic and sporty. She has the craziest people as friends and wouldn't want to have it any other way. Most of all, Mackenzie doesn't care about what the others think of her. 

Declan Morgan is the school's soccer team co-captain together with Mackenzie and in the school swim team. He also just so happens to be Mackenzie's same street neighbour. He is cocky, arrogant, sarcastic and very good looking. He can also be termed as a badboy and a player, the kind of boy on whom nearly all girls drool on. 

Being co-captains and family friends you would expect, Mackenzie and Declan to get along pretty 
well. But no, they would rather kill than get along, that is, except on the field during a soccer game. The field is the only place where they actually get along. They both became sworn enemies since the first time they both laid eyes on each other. 

All hell breaks loose when suddenly Declan's parents have to go on an official trip for 5 weeks and he is forced to live with Mackenzie's family meanwhile. They are suddenly compelled to spend more time with each other.

Will this result in them finally getting along with each other after so many years or will the battle of the co-captains never end?

classicvamp classicvamp Apr 29
I love pizza!If anyone ate my pizza I would be just like that only worse!
dhwanim15 dhwanim15 Jan 10
The book cover shows a pic of Selena. ..and now a song reference GOOD ONE
LiziVashadze LiziVashadze Nov 30, 2016
Hahahahha this girl is just like me
                              NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE comes between me and MY pizza 🍕
LiziVashadze LiziVashadze Nov 30, 2016
haha thas how selena wrote her song inspiration CANT KEEP MY HaNDS TO MYSELF darararrada
Whutiswrongwithguys Whutiswrongwithguys Oct 29, 2016
If Mackenzie's name was Megan, this would completely describe my relationship with Declan Lim.(A guy in my school)
mcg2512 mcg2512 Aug 22, 2016
Fantastic effort. Very interesting.  Eagerly waiting for the next part