The Great Big FTM Guidebook

The Great Big FTM Guidebook

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Amazingly, a burrito By AmazinglyBurritos Updated Aug 12, 2017

Disclaimer! This IS a work in progress and is by no means the final product!

It doesn't matter if you're FtM, Transmasculine, Nonbinary, or just an ally looking to better educate yourself, this guide will take all things you can find on the internet and pack it down into one little bundle! 
Here you can find info on binding, packing, passing, coming out, and many other very useful things for my fellow AFAB people.
Contact me any time for support and advice.

(Cover is a complex mix of Legend, the default Samsung picture editor, and the Pixlr app)

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Noor106259 Noor106259 Jun 14, 2017
I have some questions ill text u on ig mine is _smolbeanchild_
KatRobber KatRobber Jun 01, 2017
So i have a question. .. if you're a trans boy do you have a penis or a vagina? I'm not do sure and i feel like it's important for me to know
si_joule si_joule Jul 15, 2017
It's ok, boobs are the best thing in the world, dildos are next
ArkeeZ ArkeeZ Oct 02, 2017
ME, also what's the difference between FtM and TransMascuiline?
misfit_spirit misfit_spirit Jul 23, 2017
ha same i was gonna tell my mom yesterday but the timing just wasnt right
mollyloveanime mollyloveanime May 25, 2017
Im a non binary transgender I'm out to some of my friends but most don't really support me