The Diary of Jane (*Previously known as The Bad Boy Stole my Diary*)

The Diary of Jane (*Previously known as The Bad Boy Stole my Diary*)

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*First draft

Ever Imagine having the only thing where you put everything that has happened to you taken away?

Imagine it being taken by the person you despise the most. The person who makes your life a living hell.

Imagine The bad boy took your Diary? What would you do then? Take it back? Not me. I let him keep it. Because that way he'll know how much I hate him.

 But what happens when he doesn't get the point of this whole thing and takes it a whole different direction? Will I stop and lead him the right way or will I stupidly follow? Or should I say Fall?

Tf, I'd call 911 on him. You don't feed dogs fricken plastic. That's animal abuse....
Everyone here's like Team Stefan all the way and I'm like, am I the only Team Damon here
See this is why my diary has a big aśs lock on it with a customized key that only I have..
squishy9182 squishy9182 Jun 17, 2016
Great, now I'm imagining him as a talking donut... that isn't creepy at all.
bluejaylily bluejaylily Jun 27, 2016
Ha! Yeah my peers are the same way! *acts like on of your "peers" and looks around like your not there
MysticMayhem80 MysticMayhem80 Sep 26, 2016
I have a friend who is a cheerleader but it's ironic cause she has no school spirit