A Broken Mind (A Nagikae Fanfic)

A Broken Mind (A Nagikae Fanfic)

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--Alumium-- By --Alumium-- Completed

A nagikae fanfic
(Really though this ship really needs more attention)

This is a story about how kayano tries to confess to nagisa about her feelings on him but an accident happens and too nagisa and looses his own mind kayano must now Help him to remember who he really is

Written by Alumium
Book cover by hahatsu
(Sorry if i cant spell your name i dont know if its hahatsu or hanatsu)
All credit goes to him

The characters are from assasination classroom and they do not belong to me and belongs to the creator of ansatsu kyoushitsu(assasination classroom)
Only this story belongs to me

  • assasinationclassroom
  • comedy
  • love
  • nagikae
  • violence
ScribblezB94 ScribblezB94 May 03, 2017
Lol Karma always with the god damn hidden cameras in every place that Kayano and Nagisa our trapped lt dared to be i
miketta7 miketta7 Dec 31, 2017
You use the wrong version of to in each sentence you need to switch them
Nothingbutrandom Nothingbutrandom Oct 28, 2017
Don't be sorry! Everybody loved it! Even the creepy people who watch your life story from a screen loved it!!! XDDD
Hiyorin001 Hiyorin001 Nov 30, 2017
Waaaaat everybody loved it. Karma, screw your Apple, but gimme da photoooooooooooo.
                              Karma: No.
                              Then Ima curse you to have really bad KARMA for the rest of your life.
                              Karma: Oh Jesus. Kys. *sends photo to Hiyo*
CanibleAnimal CanibleAnimal Sep 04, 2017
This is like my life
Kab00m_Stix Kab00m_Stix Jul 20, 2017
Good format, GREAT character development, and Fantastic plot line, and great Karma moment.