My Dark Paradise (Student/Teacher)

My Dark Paradise (Student/Teacher)

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"Get inside." He said. I nodded and walked past him. I wasn't sure if I should stand or sit. He closed the door and walked over to his desk. I watched him lean back and stare at me. 

"Listen, I know this is your first day, but I don't give a fuck. Be late to my class again and you'll get detention for two weeks. Got it? Now get out. I don't want to spend my free period with you here." My jaw dropped. Can a teacher even say the F word? How can someone as gorgeous as him be so rude? Did I just call my teacher gorgeous? 

"Are you going to stand there and look like a dumb ass or are you going to get out like I told you to?" Welcome to High School Leah.

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Okay i get this is a book but i really hate teachers like this. I hate teachers that are mean and don’t give af about the kids or the job. Like mf no one told you to waste all that money on College for a job you don’t like.
lmaoreynolds lmaoreynolds Mar 30, 2017
He's acc very good looking just not a good pic. He's literally daddy in Magic Mike but imma imagine my hot ass teacher irl
Barry-B-Benson Barry-B-Benson 3 days ago
This man made my dick go from a semi-chub to flaccid in 0.2 seconds flat
jkburrell jkburrell Jan 06, 2017
Nice! He said he tried to be nice. Hahaha if that was nice he could never be polite in a million year.
jadabearz jadabearz Aug 24, 2016
Don't get why the last comment was reported even though she basically said the same thing as the first comment.. 🙄