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Shannon By liveandlove10 Completed

When Annie Mayes accidentally ran over Rob Hood, she immediately found herself in his cross-hairs.  

Rob is ill-mannered, a trouble maker, and has zero regard for Annie's social status. To make matters worse, Annie is positive he's also responsible for a string of thefts that have rocked Locksley High.

With Rob's patience depleted and a reputation to maintain, Annie's attempts to unravel the misfit's motivations lead to an even bigger mystery.  People see what Rob wants them to see, but who is he really?

This is my entry for the Once Upon Now, Target contest.  If you like the story, please come back and vote from June 14th - June 21st.  With your help, it could be published in the upcoming Once Upon Now anthology that will be carried in Target stores (and other places) this October!!!


Word Count: Approximately 8,500
Completed 6/11/2016

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KrazyKeera19 KrazyKeera19 Jul 26, 2017
He cares! I like John. Hood too, he has that dark humor going for him. I dig it.
Amber241 Amber241 Nov 13, 2017
Hahhaha oh god ... he’s killing me ... great start to this story ... already making me laugh 😂
IdrisGrey IdrisGrey Jun 21, 2016
You had me at her running over Rob Hood. Brava! You've got my vote. Really nice story with a great use of humor.
JesseSprague JesseSprague Jun 23, 2016
Oh, this was just adorable. Loved the pun at the start and the casual tie ins of all the known names :)
ariel_mpl ariel_mpl Aug 13, 2016
Robin Hood and little John walking through the forest hoodilady hoodilady jolly what a day
Anniebelle_98 Anniebelle_98 Jun 24, 2016
I loved it my name is Annie well my nickname anyways and my middle name is Marie! Ha but this is great