Treat you better ➳ s.m

Treat you better ➳ s.m

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Scars to your beautiful By snuggiemendes Completed

*NOTE; it might be cringey since it's my first book Im actually keeping. Lol, okay enjoy*

"I know I can treat you better, better than he can"
In which a girl is in an abusive relationship and Shawn wants to help her but she refuses.


Published June 3rd, completed August 13th 2016
copyright reserved © mendesweirdo

Omg that gif is the best!!!! And you kind of described me in this paragraph. I'm already enjoying this book!
kjlfeihgegbtnvthrnbhrvhrecvffhnj OMG YASSSSSSS SLAY SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I had a fangirl moment...
Ok I have a couple of things to mention:
                              1) the gif from never be alone is PERF af for the first line you write haha!
                              And 2) omg this first paragraph is exactly the story for the song and the vid omg, I just started this book two mins ago and I'm in love with it haha
The video freaking killed me too!!!!!! He was Shirtless!!!!! I dead like 10z idk how that's possible
Nu uh girl....the boy of your dreams is sitting in front of ya