Anything For You     *Completed*

Anything For You *Completed*

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Niall Horan, a single father, makes a new life in London for himself and his young daughter.  Harry Styles, a famous musician, is instantly smitten with Niall and the young girl.  Will they be able to make a relationship work given all of the added stressors, such as a music career, management, ex's, and a child?  This is a story of ups and downs; love gained and love lost.

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judiir judiir Aug 18, 2017
Aw sweetie what makes you think it wont work? The part where hes married or the part where youre a skank.
runa_lokka runa_lokka Nov 21, 2016
Omg am I the only one who thought of Rachel from One Three Hill?😅
AuntieJsANarry AuntieJsANarry May 03, 2016
WOW! Rachel. . .. I have no words for you. . .. Really.
                              Niall I am so happy that you are such a dedicated father.  I love to read about men who are.  I am rooting for you.
                              Good chapter. :D
Narry_stripper69 Narry_stripper69 Feb 02, 2015
Oh really? Is she even a woman with blood in her vines? OMG, I never met a human so careless this way. And really, she's like a whöre who is a selfish bitçh
- - Dec 28, 2014
Oh, well isn't she just the sweetest thing! *note my sarcasm
damntomlinson_ damntomlinson_ Nov 08, 2013
So I just read the note, haven't finished the chapter, and i really just wanna shoot that stupid b*tch in the face because SERIOUSLY!??!