Someone like me? (Honey X Oc)

Someone like me? (Honey X Oc)

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Yaoi_is_everything By Dafukanimu Updated Jul 14, 2016

Cute little Kimika Yukinozuka is as sweet as can be.

She is Japan's back up weapon of mass destruction, and loves to eat cupcakes and sweets

She Carries a little bunny named Ina-chan she loves it dearly for it is a gift from her late mother. 

What happens if this cutie meets the famous Honey-senpai? 

Read to find out!

-OyaOyaOya- -OyaOyaOya- Jul 26
                              *drops to her knees and cries to the heavens*
-OyaOyaOya- -OyaOyaOya- Jul 26
                              WHA no 
                              You know nothiiiiing. 
                              (*currently dialing Tamaki*)
-OyaOyaOya- -OyaOyaOya- Jul 26
You? Banana? Hmm...
                              I wonder who else in that club loves their bananas..
Same. It is better if it was a girl version of the school uniform. It is like a boy's uniform but instead of slacks, they're black skirts.
"Spurned, neglected, but that doesn't matter now! We welcome you poor man to our world of beauty!" --Tamaki
There's something even longer than the banana*winks seductively*