Pretty Little Divergent

Pretty Little Divergent

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Badlands🌪 By pleaseshutupp Updated Nov 06

Right now, I'm sitting with my back against our bedroom door listening to the sound of Tris breathing. Judging by the shadow that peers from under door, she's sat on the other side of it. 

"I need you to let me in," she says quietly. Or maybe it's just quiet because there's a door between us. 

"Into the bedroom? Nothing's stopping you from walking in, Tris," I say. 

"No, not into the bedroom. I mean into your head." I sigh. 

"You know I can't do that."

"Why can't you?" Her voice breaks and I can tell that she's on the verge of tears. 



Before You Read:

I would just like to give you a little warning. 
The first and second chapters are completely unedited and they're absolutely terrible. I will fix them some time in the future but until then, please keep in mind that yes, I am aware of how bad the first two are so bare with me.


Like seriously! Where have you been lol this is perfect. Especially with my two Fandoms (As you can see in my name lol)
I love this so far. It's not like every other divergent fanfiction I've read. You're a really great writer.