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Tord X Reader: High School

Tord X Reader: High School

31.8K Reads 771 Votes 27 Part Story
Madi By madi_lizzi Completed

I'm open to most suggestions, if theres multiple good ones I will try to combine them. I'll also try to work on this as much as I can.

That anime girl with toast in her mouth, running to school Xd
Cancer is an ass
                              Anyways... i wish i can make new pals but nah
I've never had a real crush so I dunno what that look looks like sooooo lol
I need some guns. So I can go kill turd. And then keep that in toms closet lelel
Amber_Ender Amber_Ender Feb 19
Imagine of its was instead Edwardoooooooooo -mad guitar strumming- XDDDD
i want some undertale sans and reader fanficton *even tho i don't like undertale*