Hopelessly In Love (Hikaru and Kaoru)

Hopelessly In Love (Hikaru and Kaoru)

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annie By hojong Updated Mar 31, 2016

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin were inseparable before they met Haruhi. Once Haruhi was involved in the twin brothers lives Kaoru noticed his brother slipping away from him and becoming more attached to Haruhi causing his world to be torn apart. Kaoru tries to hold onto what ever he and Hikaru have left.  

*i apologise Haruhi and Mori may be a bit ooc.

**will probably never end. so if you really hate that, don't read it
*** it ended

senpai_satan_llama senpai_satan_llama Oct 11, 2016
Your not a Sicko 
                              Your accepting , i personally have no problem with twincest
johnoklj johnoklj May 20, 2015
Dude there are innocent people then there's us so hell yeah we're gonna read this
Yuki-chan0-0 Yuki-chan0-0 Jan 24, 2015
Twincest is awesome and hot and in my opinion their is nothing wrong with it at all, Plus Hikaru and Kaoru are just made for each other it can't be any other way and that's final, Oh and I soooo ship Larry, I bet this is ganna be great can't wait to read
JisangShin JisangShin Dec 02, 2014
but it sounds interesting so far, you writing is cute and light :3
JisangShin JisangShin Dec 02, 2014
aww haha I like what you said about no one reading it making you delete it, reminds me of my Facebook post if no one likes it in a minute I'm definitely deleting it!
get_it_write get_it_write Aug 11, 2014
this can definitely stay, even tho I haven't read it yet, it's about the TWINS, and there's no problem shipping them ;)