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Maja Diana By MajaDiana Completed

[Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Romance ] 

Aurora Rosa is bonded—but not by choice, her existence is tied to a man she has yet to meet. Forced into submission because of her origin, her fate is sealed. Why? Because she is the property of Zachary Thomson. The man who owns her contract. 

As an Immortalia, she is nothing but a product with no expiration date. With extraordinary powers, she’s useful to many. Useful in the sense that she can benefit several businesses—that is until they tamper with her nature, and transforms her into a weapon instead of a tool.

Cover Model: Miss Mosh
Cover art: Prisim

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xStorySinsx xStorySinsx Dec 24, 2017
What kinda shut is this 😂😂😂 a knife nigga you fuckin wit me
Nozrac Nozrac Jun 18, 2017
Impressive start.
                              I know most people, long time writers especially, will disagree that this style of writing draws the reader deeper into the events as they occur. The added descriptive throughout helps to crystallise the scene. Thank you @MajaDiana
Rob1234 Rob1234 Jul 14, 2017
Great style and interesting story  line.  The first  chapter  makes you want  to read more! On with the story!!
Jetjacky Jetjacky Jul 24, 2016
How could you be cutting through someone skin!  It's wrong unless for healing purposes.
CAdkins1985 CAdkins1985 Feb 01, 2017
I'm wanting to find out if she gets away and how....MUST READ MORE
GetIn_NEbby GetIn_NEbby Oct 21, 2016
I'm getting so annoyed I read this book before wattpad updated and added inline comments and now that I keep seeing people comment what's going on or why is he doing this is getting frustrating like seriously read and maybe you'll find out but anyway I still love this book