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Miniya By NiyAlsina Completed

Demitri is just a normal teen, enjoying his senior year alongside his best friend, Tyler. Reina is...different.

Little does everybody know, Demitri has a little baggage too. 

August Alsina and Trill Sammy story.


DiabmondV DiabmondV Nov 22
Girl I feel you. I was in speech in school for kindergarten to fifth grade and I had to attend therapy for my speech since I was four until around third grade.💯 Speech therapy definitely helps but I sometimes still struggle with it.😒
90sKay 90sKay Nov 23
damn my foot woulda been throbbing I'd be pimp walking everywhere afta that💀.
zhyroze zhyroze 7 days ago
I think her stuttering just makes her sound like she's nervous
Sin4You Sin4You Nov 05
YazzyMe YazzyMe Nov 24
Why would he call her out like that? Obviously she heard you the first time.🙄
Sin4You Sin4You Nov 05
He really should stop. Cuz before she talked he was calling her pretty