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morgan ➸ stephen curry

morgan ➸ stephen curry

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emily rose . ✭ By photomath Updated Jan 25

"Stephen!" Mr. Arruzo yelled. He sighed and looked towards us, "You two better get along, you two will be with each other for the next eight weeks."

Stephen looked back at me with eyes full of hatred. I fought the urge to slap him and instead looked back at Mr. Arruzo.

"I can't work with her, sir," Stephen spoke.

"Well you will be for the next weeks. Deal with it."


Morgan Robinson has a passion for basketball. She goes to Lake Windsor High School, the number one school in the district for basketball. She focuses more on basketball and her education than boys.

Stephen Curry, a popular kid and womanizer, sees Morgan as a "slut" although he knows nothing about her.

It seems like she can't escape him that much since he's her neighbor, and things don't go so well in calculus class. 

Eight long crucial weeks of adventuring. How will it play out with them constantly griping and personal life problems?


some gifs in the chapters have nothing to do with the story/chapter. ✨

I wrote this story using my imagination. If it is similar to another story than it is entirely by coincidence.

© photomath 2016

PettyYFN PettyYFN Oct 01, 2016
she didn't even say nun though.. 👀👀 so wtf is you talking for?
kxlla-roses kxlla-roses Jul 08, 2016
it literally seems like in every story I read he always calling somebody a slut 🙄🙄🙄