The Pet Shop (Jimin X Reader)

The Pet Shop (Jimin X Reader)

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Jimin is your school's bad boy. One day he comes into your shop wanting to buy a dog, threatening to beat you up if you tell anyone. 

As the story unfolds, Jimin seems to take a liking to you.

y'all if my best friend was Yoongi, I'd still question why we're in the friendzone with his gummy smile Yoongi jealous?? I hope not. I hope he is the OVERPROTECTED friend.....
Girl. Did you just walk outta there without changing yo pj's out? Get yo ass back and change
You may have attacked you but you were trying to stalk i=him, poor [y/n] when will you learn?
I think I'm the only one who knows what "KoKo Krunch" is..... :( ((I think it's spelled that way idk lol))
I imagine jimin big and tuff like a big guy 😂 but in reality he's just like everyone else