[~My Book Of Weirdness~] ✔

[~My Book Of Weirdness~] ✔

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•LEXA•LOVELY• ( ˘ ³˘)💜 By DexpidUltraFan Updated Jan 22

This amazing book contains:


Ranting and bickering about how dumb Mattel is. 

Random things.

 Stuff happening in my life. 

To sum it up: stupidly random stuff featuring the handsome Jared Leto. 

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blushybabe blushybabe Aug 21, 2016
They ruined monster high in general they ruined the movies and the dolls
-HanakoYamada- -HanakoYamada- Aug 28, 2016
The plot for the new movie is terrible Draculaura and Frankie come up with the idea for Monster High
                              Really Mattel REALLY!
emilymorgenstern31 emilymorgenstern31 Oct 18, 2016
I know right! That's was my childhood and now they're changing it and uh idk anymore.
Rainst0rm12 Rainst0rm12 Jul 08, 2016
I like the new bodies, but if I buy one, my old MH doll's head is going on it.