Melody B*M Book # 2

Melody B*M Book # 2

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Lana Sky By Lana_sky Completed

{completed}  BOOK #2 in the BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS SERIES ***

Espisido Vialle lives his life by one rule: no matter how hard you try, you can never escape hell. 

  Rated 18+

Is this the second book of crescendo if yes I'm so excited. I loooooovvveeedddf book number one. I really wanted Dante and Daniela to be together though
unlitspark unlitspark Jun 06
I always wanted to read espi's story! Glad it came up before the other two, though I'm curious about Arno too. Not so much about Mack...
Lipstickjungle Lipstickjungle 5 days ago
Dante is the kind of man that burns into your soul. I can see the craving fans have for him.
                              In the same breath, his time is done for now.
                              So now I focus my energy on the laid back Espi. I'm wildly curious and can't wait to read more.
Yo guys can I read this before finishing the first book? Can I read this as a standalone or am I going to spoil the ending of the first one for myself?
Like who are Dante and Danny anyways? :p ;) lol sorry, had to needle you.....
bookshrine bookshrine Jun 07
Damn I love Espi.. I am so glad! I hope there are loads of Dante and Danny refs