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Run » NatePat

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┃» ѕoмeтιмeѕ, тнe voιceѕ ιn yoυr нead
   are тнe only oneѕ yoυ can нear »┃

υpdaтeѕ (нopeғυlly) every ғrιday

Note: Natemare isn't in this story at all ~ just a heads up

My sis: are you crying?
                              Me: No! hehe me?! I'm not crying!
                              My sis: I can clearly see that you are crying
                              Me: *sniffles* no, I'm not crying my eyes are sweating.
                              Stop expressing my feelings
                              Just stop it
                              Oh god what am I doing with my depressing life
Books barely make me cry and I was about ready to cry on this chapter. Frick, this is just the first chapter, too! XD