oneshots; t.j. + j.d.

oneshots; t.j. + j.d.

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isabelle fern By angelictyler Updated Aug 29, 2016

joshler oneshots.

includes; sexual themes and content, soft fluff, and maybe a few sad points. 

oneshots containing sexual content will be marked. 

© angelictyler 2016

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crypticclique crypticclique Jun 04, 2016
Maybe one where Tyler gets the stomach bug during tour and Josh takes care of him :)
Spacejoshler Spacejoshler Jan 20, 2017
blowboy. Like legit a long oneshot of a really fuckin amazing blowjob
wholegrainwriting wholegrainwriting Jun 05, 2016
do some s hit where its like dom tyler sub jish but jish still tops
kittenmins kittenmins Sep 04, 2016
i always request it but like, a lot of the time people can't write it, and you don't have to¡ sometimes i think it might be cool to do gender swap¿ or if not u could do some sex tape thing where tyler lap dances n then they do the do on a tape¡?
slowtawn slowtawn Jun 04, 2016
oh god my comment was rEPORTED, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 
-vessel -vessel Jul 23, 2016
i would really like something like student/teacher but like tyler should be in college, josh tops obviously and he's not that old, he's the youngest teacher of the college or something like that