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Lets Skip To The Good Part ~Supernatural Fanfiction

Lets Skip To The Good Part ~Supernatural Fanfiction

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❤ Bubblegum Biitch ❤ By XxSasMasterxX Completed

Book 1 of 12
  "Oh my, God..." Dean whispered catching his younger brothers attention. Dean dropped his grip on the pistol and ran a hand down his face.
  "I think it clicked in that pretty little head of his." Karoline mocked, tilting her head with a wide smirk.
  Sam looked between the two confused. "What? What am I missing?"
  "Sammy you remember Tom's daughters, Karoline and Alayna, right?" Dean gestured to the two with irritation in his voice. Realization slowly dawned on Sam's face.
  "I know it's been a good seven, eight years but, surely you remember us, Sammy." Alayna tilted her head at the tallest Winchester, a wide smirk on her lips.
  When Alayna (Nina Dobrev) and Karoline Van Allen (Candice King) were just kids, their mother, Hannah, was horribly murdered in front of their father, Tom (Robert Downey Jr.) by something "supernatural". Their lives were never the same again. 
  After their mother's murder, their father took an interest in the supernatural, hunting alongside his best friend John Winchester (Jefferey Dean Morgan) He raised the girls as warriors - with skills to fight back against the unknown and protect the innocent. 22 years later, with Alayna and Karoline now grown up, their father suddenly disappears on a supposedly 'routine' supernatural hunt with John.
  Coordinates from their father send them to Blackwater Ridge, where they run into two very familiar faces. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), and find out they're in the same predicament. The four, in search for their lost fathers, embark on a journey fighting any supernatural being they come up against. What they didn't expect, was how much this would change their lives. 
  For better or for worse? That's for you to decide.

Beehivefive Beehivefive Mar 11
When u read 1864 instead of 1984 because  they look similar and ur too obsessed with tnx for ur own good @me
Blondie11067 Blondie11067 3 days ago
And thats the beginning of the story of How i got my first ticket..
                              I was in first grade and when a boy said that i kicked him hard in the nuts😏😇
RigantonaAKARhiannon RigantonaAKARhiannon Oct 21, 2016
Umm 😐 you know, it's not spelled Alayna. It's spelled Elena. Only saying because I read this on a different account ages ago and now that I reread the description I just realised that the 'Alayna' in this is really supposed to be 'Elena' from vampire diaries lol I'm such a dip