I'm still your Dance King[BOOK || of You're my dance king]

I'm still your Dance King[BOOK || of You're my dance king]

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Dainydain By dainybaby Updated Jul 18, 2017

Bailey's p.o.v

"Just tell me,is it almost over?"i said crying."I don't know how much longer i can ---"i added.

"it's over"he said and hold my hand"I can't tell you how s-sorry and ashamed i am"he pause"i though i could do it"he said crying."I thought i could be the guy that i told you,i was going to be"he pause"i thought i was...losing you,but it was actually me...i got lost.And now im watching you ready to give all this up for me,i will not let that happen"he said.

"I love you,and i will do so much better if you let me."he pause.

i just cried.

"please,bailey"he pause."Let me make it right again"

he slowly hold my hand.And i also held it.

"You know what's better?if you carried a handkerchief"i said and chuckles"we we're gonna make it,again"i said and hug him really tight.

"I missed you so much"he said and cry on my shoulder."I will make this all right,i promise"he said and carry me up.

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