A New Friend  {C O M P L E T E D}

A New Friend {C O M P L E T E D}

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Your Bestie! By UndyneTheUndying08 Completed

Frisk has had a hard life. Abused by her parents because she is "a mistake." The reason why her parents call her this is because:
She is a Neko. Half human half cat.
Frisk has been experimented on. Some of them would hurt her or mess with her thoughts for a period of time. It seemed like no one cared.
One night, Frisk had enough. She ran until she got to Mount Ebott. By surprise, Frisk tripped and fell down a hole...the entrance to the UNDERGROUND.
Though things seem bleak, Frisk gets help. Meets new friends, and possibly develops a crush. 
Will he feel the same way? Or shut her off like the others on the surface did?

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FredaLee7 FredaLee7 Jun 14
Hit me with anything!!!! I CAN TAKE IT but maybe I can't take a heartwarming explosion....don't surprise me with that although I would love it lol!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):)
Isn't it Meifwa? Nah, thats just probably a made up name Aphmau made for her vids. I said 'probably' so please dun kill meh ;-;
FredaLee7 FredaLee7 Jun 14
Omg I love kitties and FRISK great choice!! Must be my fave undertale books and my fave work of yours!!!:3
I loved this book so much I'm reading it again : ) thanks for making this amazing book
Alphys will fangirl if she knew the legend is true.... LEGEND OF THE NEKO GIRL!!!!!
every single time someone just gets picked up bridal style XD