My Twin Bosses

My Twin Bosses

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D R E A M  B I G By Flying_Free123 Completed

Angelo and Adrian are twin alphas. They share their alpha title, their pack, and their home. And yes, they share a mate. That mate, Rosalina, just so happened to be hired for being their personal assistant. In the office their desire for each other can cloud the work that needs to be done. But, is that such a bad thing? 

Being an alpha isn't easy. Being twin alphas is even harder. You have enemies and those enemies just may strike when you're not looking. 


Adrian and Angelo are alphas who are looking for their mate. After searching for many years they gave up hope that they were destined to have one. 

Rosalina is hired to be their personal assistant when their mothers set up the job for her. Once they meet they face many trials that they overcome with the help of each other. 

Disclaimer: this story is literal trash