Travis X Reader (Mystreet)(complete)

Travis X Reader (Mystreet)(complete)

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Leaf 🍂 By skellyleaf Completed

You have been living alone for 10 years now your a 19 year old with a dark past that you have shared with no one not even your best friend katelyn
 but then a person.. A BOY to be precise make you more of you

That boy is 

All characters belong to the youtuber aphmau besides yourself and my OC lizzie who will be in this aswell enjoy

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hmmm I wonder who it could be???? maybe it's genderbent elsa???? or maybe its da damn flirtatious casanova with the name TRAVIS!!!
DaKowl DaKowl Apr 18
I would just be like hi there nice to meet you I'm Jessica and then I slowly raise my middle finger then attack him for even trying
OMI! I'm actually listening to FOB's 'Young and a Menace' song! What a coincidence!!
I thought it was just going to end at "I had just moved into the Dante" and I was like 😳
OMD YEEEESSSS!!! I'm actually going to see Fall Out Boy in November :) I can't wait I'm SO EXCITED!!!
                              I know creative. They're not even real colors XD