moments in time

moments in time

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e m i l y By fetchingfandoms Updated Nov 27, 2016

"hey cassie. can i sit here?"
"aren't you supposed to sit with the football guys?"
"you're cooler."

destiel/sabriel highschool au
jock! dean, nerd! cas, normal gabe, quiet! sam
i do not own any supernatural characters (i mean i wish)

cover credit: |1978| on vine

TyJoTheBean TyJoTheBean Sep 10, 2016
Xx_Calamity_xX Xx_Calamity_xX Aug 21, 2016
Castiel should be a stewardess so he can give out those little wings :)
yurionicedcoffee yurionicedcoffee Aug 23, 2016
WAKE ME UP (wake me up inside) CANT WAKE UP (wake me up) SAAAAAAVVVEEEE MEEEEE
milkovich- milkovich- Aug 30, 2016
I thought it said nice to meet you Castiel Winchester and I was like woah
Jianna3960 Jianna3960 Oct 19, 2016
Cassie are you ok? Were you crying? Are you sick? Do you have a runny nose? TELL ME SO I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!
XxDestielLordxX XxDestielLordxX Dec 03, 2016
The cover to this story gives me twist and shout feels so if you make me cry you shall feel my fangirl wrath