moments in time

moments in time

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"hey cassie. can i sit here?"
"aren't you supposed to sit with the football guys?"
"you're cooler."

destiel/sabriel highschool au
jock! dean, nerd! cas, normal gabe, quiet! sam
i do not own any supernatural characters (i mean i wish)

cover credit: |1978| on vine

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oh-my-croft oh-my-croft Aug 03
ah this makes me sad my friend would say this when people would bully her, i miss her sm
Someone help the small gay angel, quick Dean your confused about your sexuality go help Cas!
Oh you know Lucifer is coming over with the angel that banished him to hell, yeah everything's just right!
NOW, Dean stop being confused about your sexuality and kiss the small gay angel!
I know how that feels. Everyone at school uses the words "gay" "dyke" and "cock sucker" as insults :(
What kind of high schooler says that 
                              Lets be honest
                              The gay ones