moments in time

moments in time

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e m i l y By fetchingfandoms Updated Nov 27

"hey cassie. can i sit here?"
"aren't you supposed to sit with the football guys?"
"you're cooler."

destiel/sabriel highschool au
jock! dean, nerd! cas, normal gabe, quiet! sam
i do not own any supernatural characters (i mean i wish)

cover credit: |1978| on vine

TyJoTheBean TyJoTheBean Sep 10
Castiel should be a stewardess so he can give out those little wings :)
WAKE ME UP (wake me up inside) CANT WAKE UP (wake me up) SAAAAAAVVVEEEE MEEEEE
milkovich- milkovich- Aug 30
I thought it said nice to meet you Castiel Winchester and I was like woah
Jianna3960 Jianna3960 Oct 19
Cassie are you ok? Were you crying? Are you sick? Do you have a runny nose? TELL ME SO I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!
XxDestielLordxX XxDestielLordxX 6 days ago
The cover to this story gives me twist and shout feels so if you make me cry you shall feel my fangirl wrath