The Aberration

The Aberration

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Bard Constantine By BardConstantine Completed

When a freak storm engulfs a mill, the workers learn quickly that there is much more to fear than just heavy rain.

Something else arrives with the storm-macabre creatures that alter their shapes and features with every attack. In order to survive the night, the employees will have to rely on a man whose sanity is questionable. For he claims to have faced the same attacks before, over ages of time.

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The sequel, Torment of Tantalus, will be published in 2016

TXejas19 TXejas19 May 11, 2016
Lol judging by all the comments lined along the first page alone, this must be a hell of a story
KhalilOLarkin KhalilOLarkin May 20, 2016
I truly enjoyed this. I am excited to see what's going to happen later on.
-astraeus- -astraeus- Nov 12, 2016
As someone going to school to become a police officer, and later a homicide detective, I can confirm that these are the worst cases.
                              Its not even the fact that you spent so many hours on a case that won't be solved, its more the want for answers to soothe your soul if the questions.
Dementors_Shadow Dementors_Shadow May 11, 2016
This is VERY well written! I am hooked! I can't wait to see what happens later on
fivepastel fivepastel Jun 23, 2016
I finally found what I was looking for.. added to my library
Elif_Sensei Elif_Sensei Mar 03, 2016
Nice work.I will write 666 horror stories.please support me 😆