Finally Found You (Josh Dun x Reader)

Finally Found You (Josh Dun x Reader)

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You run into your childhood friend Josh Dun after 5 years and your whole world gets turned upside down. What's going to happen?

(The first chapter or so is a little cringy, but its my first story. They also sleep a lot in this book lol. Apologies! C:)

• There will be mild cussing in this story.
·The picture is not mine.

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Everyone is talking blink 182. Im just like you promise?? You mean you not ok??
I'm crying 
                              the end of all things came on while I was reading this
it's monday my doots. *inhuman screeching* AHHHHHHHUHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHH
dogcage dogcage Apr 30
That is so true tho. Like every time I see him smile I can't but smile as well
Did he BLINK before the flight? *Josh hits his drums **ba-doom-deetz** after the terrible joke* Ok, no one, alright. I'll judt leave now.