~ Latin Sass: A Shawmila Fanfic  ~

~ Latin Sass: A Shawmila Fanfic ~

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5hAreQueens By 5harequeens Updated Nov 07

Camila cabello and her besties all move to canada to attend the same college, Camila and Dinah being a year younger then the rest of the girls are still minors and there for need a legal guardian, that's where sinu and Alejandro step in and agree to move as well in order to fulfill their daughters dream of attending collage at the prestigious " Leonardo school of arts" in Toronto.

randraw randraw Jun 04
Across from Lauren hein? Jk ik this ain't a Camren fanfic but I can't help it forgive me everybody
Summers in Canada are actually REALLY hot. Great chapter otherwise!
randraw randraw Jun 04
Dude I love it! It's funny, and light... I can't wait to read the rest