The plunge

The plunge

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annekaj By annekaj Updated Aug 30, 2017

"The good girl" it's always suited my name but when being a sister of 3 having a single mum with no job.. You've got to retaliate at some point right.

 Moving house is one thing but moving half way across the world is another. Miley Anderson is finally facing her worst nightmare moving to America.

 How's she going to fit in.. Especially when there's a bad boy in town. We're in NYC baby B.R.O.N.X and this is how it goes down.

Guys I wrote this when I was 12, legit it really isn't amazing, but I tried lol. Read at your own risk, get ready for some fab grammar and spelling mistakes

Anneka lol xo

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dotazoch dotazoch Aug 30, 2017
Living in North Carolina,  you'd get rain, sleet, snow, hail.  Then all of a sudden it'd get hot as hell.
- - Mar 31, 2016
It you moved away from the UK he would not say mate still pretty good so fay
GOOD_VIBES0817 GOOD_VIBES0817 May 16, 2016
Wait so they're drug dealers. Damn they be 420'ing a lot don't they
Carly_aka_queeny Carly_aka_queeny May 19, 2016
Stop using the word bum please, everyone knows they have a butt, just say that
True_Annabeth_Chase True_Annabeth_Chase Nov 24, 2016
Bulls in Bronx - Pierce The Veil anyone?
                              Okeeeey 😢
skittleezz skittleezz Oct 09, 2015
I'm guessing you aren't American cuz of the words you use and  you spelled a'ight as ite