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{{ON HOLD}} A Guard, Priest, Shadow Knight And Their Princess

{{ON HOLD}} A Guard, Priest, Shadow Knight And Their Princess

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uNO plAYs UNo By FanFictionGurl7 Updated Sep 01, 2016

Garroth, he was a faithful guard that didn't think about love, well that is until he saw Y/N. Being his shy, nervous self, he doesn't know how to express his love to her.

Zane, an evil priest... or so people thought. He was just misunderstood, thought what his father Garte was doing was right, but he was wrong. He wants to rule the world, but when he meets Y/N all he wants to do is impress her and show her the real him.

Vylad, he got stabbed in the back a few years ago and turned into a Shadow Knight. He isolated himself from his family, and never made friends. He feared that they would betray him just like his last friend. When stumbles upon Y/N he may just have a change of heart.

Y/N, a girl who's torn between love, not knowing who to choose. She remembers the three brothers, yet the don't remember her. Which is for the best, if they knew her secret once again... never mind that's not important.

TiffanyNguyen811 TiffanyNguyen811 Sep 25, 2016
Someone should make fan art of Vylad wearing a flower crown.
I got 
                              GREEN BEANs.
                              POTATOES. *cough* Aphmau *cough
                              Hahahahaha I'm so sorry.
                              YOU NAAAAME IT.
Yea, stop it Garroth hyeyehye.
                              Hey I'm Garroth and imma huge flirt, but I dun like sayin de tings out loud, hyehyehye.
Me: tell mommy I love her...
                              Gar: awww, d00d days so sweet...
Roses are red
                              My heart is prickly
                              THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY...
Yui_Crystalline_19 Yui_Crystalline_19 Aug 29, 2016
Gene: have a nice death, Vylad!
                              Me: Gene! Before you do that can we see how sharp this diamond sword is?!?!
                              Gene: ummm sure
                              Me: YAAASS!! *stabs gene with the sword* oh its really sharp! Thanks for checking how sharp this is Gene!!
                              Gene: *dead*