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Adopted By The Avengers (XReader)

Adopted By The Avengers (XReader)

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Levi By Fatal_Glow Updated 2 days ago

Highest rank: #10 in Fanfiction
                      You are just a child. No, just a baby. And what happens when you, an abandoned baby that two super soldiers just happens to stumble upon, is brought into their busy lives? Well, shit happens. Read as you progressively grow throughout the book, and explore new regions of life that would be entirely different since the Avengers are now a big part of your life.
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Ninjagirl1927 Ninjagirl1927 5 days ago
You sure this isn't Deadpool? Ya know, 4th wall breaks and crossovers?
                              XD No hate! Just teasing! :)
-_AngelicDemon_- -_AngelicDemon_- 3 days ago
BAD TONY! *Rolls up newspaper and hits him repeatedly with it* BAD!!!!
TheVoids21 TheVoids21 2 days ago
Why are people getting triggered so much for the writer putting it? Omfg seriously just focus on the book and not petty things 🙄
Cutenekoexplosion Cutenekoexplosion 3 days ago
Oh god im so dead from laughing out loud in a freaking library lol
TheVoids21 TheVoids21 2 days ago
Why is everyone getting so pissy with her putting 'it'? Seriously this book is already good and people as choosing to focus on that little thing? AND THEY DONT KNOW THE GENDER. So what else can they call the baby??? GREAT BOOK BTW
Ninjagirl1927 Ninjagirl1927 5 days ago
Spider-Man DEFINITELY reminds me of Deadpool here XD 
                              Just imagine if he walked in like:
                              "OH A BABY! GIVE IT GUNS XD"
                              Sorry my comment is irrelevant... :D