The Boy Next Door || Harry Styles

The Boy Next Door || Harry Styles

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The Boy Next Door 
{COMPLETED} Harry Styles was all Melanie Harte ever wanted. They have been best friends since forever and the most cliche thing for Mel to do is to fall in love with him. When he's completely clueless, she finds herself stumbling over the cute little things he does. But when their friendship takes a turn, and Harry finds a girl, Mel discovers herself stuck in reverse. She can't seem to forget the memories with Harry, and she can't let go of him. Does she live her life as the girl next door or confess her true feelings for Harry before it's too late?    
*this story is set in 2009*  

Looking for the Girl Next Door 
{ONGOING} When Melanie returns to Holmes Chapel to start her life again in the place she grew up in, she soon realizes that she's not the only one back in town. Famous pop star and member of One Direction, Harry Styles, has decided to return home to take some time off before continuing on tour.  When Melanie Harte and Harry Styles finally cross paths, she begins to relive childhood memories. It was only four years ago when Melanie suddenly left the UK to live in San Francisco, California, but was it possible in that time for Harry Styles to forget all about her? Experience the ups, downs, heartbreaks, and drama in Looking for The Girl Next Door. 
*this story is set in 2013, sequel to The Boy Next Door*

{lovely cover by: idreamibelieve}

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picklesw picklesw Mar 27, 2017
Is anyone else distracted by how Louie looks like he's dancing? (Did i spell his name right? It looks wierd...)
GinaStyles942 GinaStyles942 Jan 05, 2018
I read felicite and I was like WHY ARE U DATING LOUIS’ SISTER
basorexia_ basorexia_ Aug 09, 2013
@Five_Singing_Idiots HAHA, that's so funny. The song is so depressing. ):
Five_Singing_Idiots Five_Singing_Idiots Aug 09, 2013
Oh wow. I was actually listening to fix you when I read the intro thing that was reallt creepy
Madgirls_6 Madgirls_6 Aug 06, 2013
Off to a great start :) I like how it's kinda based on real life
alliegator07 alliegator07 Aug 06, 2013