Care for Some Tea? (Muffet X Reader)

Care for Some Tea? (Muffet X Reader)

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Come on, get caught in the Spider Dance, dearie~

This is my first ever "x Reader" type story. I'm just testing the waters, so don't expect something too great ^^;
You never felt at ease around Muffet. There was always an eerie sense about her and her spider lair. But lately...That sensation has been fading. She isn't as creepy as she was when you originally met. She's actually kinda...Cute?

COVER ART CREDIT:  (I couldn't find original artist's post. If you find out, please let me know so I can credit them properly!)

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WingDing320 WingDing320 Nov 21, 2016
why am I imagining 'dun dun dun! Come shake yo body baby do that conga I know u can't control your self any longa' song? 😂
BughartgaminYT BughartgaminYT Sep 03, 2016
Pretty like the dance part but not bad it was great thanks again
silverybluesnow silverybluesnow Oct 21, 2016
 #spideywife (I actually don't really like spiders XD) oh...and she'd freeze to death in the Ever Winter Forest I'm stupid XD
BughartgaminYT BughartgaminYT Sep 03, 2016
I cannot say anything but wow this chapter is amazing thanks
megashadowmew megashadowmew Jun 09, 2016
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoy my little experiment.
                              This is my firsr "xReader", and I am just sort of playing around with the story type.
                              The next chapter should be up within the next couple of days. I hope you stick around! Thanks again and see you next chapter!
DraconicFantasies DraconicFantasies Jun 10, 2016
Aww, this is so cute!! And the idea of all the little spiders singing is so adorable!