If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

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Xyla ☽ By xylaas Updated Jul 14, 2016

Modern/College AU no one wants

 John met Alex  by Alex accidentally bumping into John.

**I'll add more later, but I'll probably forget because I hate writing summaries.**

GoldandDiamond GoldandDiamond Dec 27, 2016
Time to rate these 
                              Hmmm it's different. Normally I see something to do with turtles. It's plain but I like it
My group chat is called "the hamiltrash made another chat" ....
AndyTheShittyWriter AndyTheShittyWriter Dec 14, 2016
I have one called Gay AF, one called Dat Boi and one called Spoopy scary skeletons (no one can change it oops XD)
Lam-a-clock Lam-a-clock Dec 15, 2016
whenever i hear giggle in a fan fiction i think of satan shrieking in an anthony ramos voice
ninilovespugs ninilovespugs Dec 08, 2016
My group chat name is "DYING" formerly named "i didn't do it the ship did"
GoldandDiamond GoldandDiamond Dec 27, 2016
Mines is called The HOLY trinity..... it was previously called Supè Target, and before that it was called Pansexual squad