If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

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Xyla ☽ By xylaas Updated Jul 14

Modern/College AU no one wants

 John met Alex  by Alex accidentally bumping into John.

**I'll add more later, but I'll probably forget because I hate writing summaries.**

I'm always open to be a BETA/editor. If you need one, just ask! :)
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*gets phone out*
                              *takes photo*
                              *prints out a bunch of photos and adds to shrine*
delta-cat delta-cat 2 days ago
i can actually critique people without worrying about backlaSH YEY
                              i do believe, my good sir (or ma'm, or… whatever) that there should be a comma after 'Columbia University' and after 'not many people were at the coffee shop'.
I love so many things in this paragraph
                              1) Mullette
                              2) John blushing
                              3) HUNGER GAMES
delta-cat delta-cat 2 days ago
hello it's again
                              also, when two different characters are speaking, it should be in different paragraphs. for example, if two characters were talking, it would look like this:
                              "ravioli ravioli," meme said. 
                              "what's in the pocketoli." dank said.