If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

If It Wasn't For Fate//Lams Fic

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Xyla ☽ By xylaas Updated Jul 14, 2016

Modern/College AU no one wants

 John met Alex  by Alex accidentally bumping into John.

**I'll add more later, but I'll probably forget because I hate writing summaries.**

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                              *sprays john with water bottle*
                              DRINK THE WATER YOU THIRSTY
Ah, yes. 12 am. The absolute LATEST time you could be up. (Note sarcasm)
I have like, 1,000 group chats on my phone but the most commonly used one is called gay trash and our names are,
Books are better!! 
                              Sorry I know that's annoying and I may be completely and totally biased but still
Why does it always start with John working in a coffee shop? I swear every single flipping time-
I thought it said "You're going to have to meet my friend and YOU'RE boyfriend