A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer Dream)

A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer Dream)

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Jasmine ^_^ By Gabriels_Wings Completed

Sequel to the summer camp AU

Sam, Dean, Gabriel and Castiel all went to a camp on the summer of 2013. They were in a cabin together, became friends, and eventually became closer than that. Michael and Lucifer finally figured out what was going on between them and were the only ones who didn't have to leave each other. But when Dean and Sam left, and Gabriel and Castiel a few days later...there wasn't much hope.

They said they'd fight to find each other...but when all the odds are against you, there's no way you can win. So what they did instead was wait.

They waited until the winter of 2018.

I was crying at the end of that last, this one better have a happy ending or I will just die, like, no cause. I'll just drop dead from saddness (that is a thing, 'cause it's about to happen to me).
meepmeepe meepmeepe Aug 07
I legit just finished A Summer Dream and I'm still crying from the ending.
I did because im reading all of your stories because you are amazing and now im here
I still can't see anything because of the tears in my eyes from the previous book...
                              IT HURTS 
                              I'M NOT READY TO START THE SEQUEL
Alex5623 Alex5623 May 19
I just read the description and T H E W I N T E R O F 2 0 1 8