Abusive Love (Lucaya)

Abusive Love (Lucaya)

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Maya  Hart is broken. Her mother and father are never home. But, when they are they would abusive Maya in any way they can. She also has an abusive boyfriend,. The only love that she gets is from her friends at school. Riley Farkle, and Lucas don't know about Maya 's hard life out of school. But, one day Lucas finds out what is going on in her life after school. And, tries his best to help her. Lucas then on day, decides that Maya should move in with him and his parents. While, she is at Luca's house , Maya and Lucas grow strong feelings for each other.

Will Maya and Lucas get together?
Will her boyfriend stop abusing her??
Will Riley and Farkle find out??

Find out in Abusive Love.

queenkayla021 queenkayla021 Aug 23, 2016
I hate reading stories like this but I kinda want to because I want to prepare myself if this ever happened to me or my friends
lucayalives lucayalives Sep 03, 2016
Ouch but Mrs hart shut the F up that's your FKing daughter WTF is wrong with u
FarklexCorey FarklexCorey 7 days ago
The words being underlined makes my brain read as if there are a bunch of pauses
GirlMeetsGenny GirlMeetsGenny Jun 04, 2016
technically nothing is impossible, therefore MAYA IS SOMETHING JOSH!!   JOSH,PUNK!
chattychels12344 chattychels12344 Jun 09, 2016
If she was worthless, why did you have her?😡😡😡😡😡😡
xamandlaxhartsx xamandlaxhartsx Sep 02, 2016
Okay... Is it bad that when I'm rich I'd be sayin. 'BITCH MAKE ME A DAMN CHIMICHANGA."