The Baby Whisperer [ON HOLD]

The Baby Whisperer [ON HOLD]

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Ari & Chompy By AristocraticChomper Updated Sep 08, 2013

Three things you need to know about Theo Dawson:
1. Theo is a GIRL.
2. Theo has blue hair.
3. Theo is a babysitting goddess.

Three things you need to know about Oliver Wood:
1. He's not a Harry Potter character (and therefore doesn't play Quidditch).
2. He’s on the swim team - and he likes to show off his rocking body.
3. He gets action - a lot of it.

When Mr. and Mrs. Wood leave for their second honeymoon, they hire Theo to watch over seven-year-old Luna, eight-year-old Fred … and seventeen-year-old Oliver?

Mr. Popular won’t like being bossed around by a blue-haired fairy-hulk, that’s for sure.

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2many_dam_fandoms 2many_dam_fandoms May 07, 2016
Oliver Wood, Luna, and Fred. As in Luna Lovegood and Fred Weasley? I'm not the only one who noticed this right?
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas Jan 21, 2015
Theo seems like the bomb, the actress is beautiful and blue hair? She rocks already. Yeah I can see why Oliver is getting with that face, he is kind of a douche so far
AngelitoDorado AngelitoDorado Dec 02, 2013
I've already read the book and i can honestly say that the author is really talented and this book is AMAZING!!
marizan marizan Sep 25, 2013
omg so bueatiful stories and super very bueatiful stories is  about love
heyybabyimafangirl heyybabyimafangirl Sep 20, 2013
CRAYONCHOMPER!!!!!! Gaaaah, I like love not all blondes do backflips!!
- - Sep 02, 2013
I read the description and I think I'm gonna love this story!!  I'm gonna start reading it right now!!!!!