Redeeming Derek ✔(Editing)

Redeeming Derek ✔(Editing)

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For a brief moment, I thought I might pass out, "You fell in love with me?"

He stifled an ironic laugh, "How could I not? Look at yourself!" He exclaimed, "You're perfect."


© 2016 by Marigold K Vallil

Editor: @thegirlwithanidea

Cover by: @achillies-

SZJAY_o1 SZJAY_o1 Feb 03
Correction : remove the "a" before "life" and add "at" after "arrived."
                              Sorry I am in a grammar niazi mood (although my grammar sucks xD)
- - Jul 08, 2016
She needs to say her inner thoughts out loud. His reaction would be hilarious. I can sense the tensionnn
It's good the way it has been portrayed how she is describing what he is doing yet they are talking
Hey just a little request or advice what ever you like but could you just mention it on the top when you are changing point of views,  that will be a lot easier for us thank you 😊😊😊
vickybruky vickybruky Oct 16, 2016
I jst started and I am loving both characters and words.. Ride on cause I will comment a million times
SaraLBarnes SaraLBarnes Jul 12, 2016
Honestly though! There are so many attractive men out there, but it seems to me that at least a quarter of them are gay. But that's not a bad thing either. You know?