Seventeen Smuts | 세븐틴

Seventeen Smuts | 세븐틴

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크리스 By luscioustae Updated Apr 11

❝brrt dirty dirty jam jam❞

a book of short stories, as in really short

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1234debby 1234debby Jun 10
I want one with DK like hardcore smut and him Being the best friend of your older brother ( him being 20 and you 17) the girls name being Débora and the Older brother being Mingyu
KirstyTan KirstyTan Feb 25
Hoshi/all the members*evil smile and laugh* mixed genre kinky,sweet and rough.I trust you unnie it can be detailed and you can add my name.Ohh my name is Kirsty Tan.Kamsa😍😍❤️❤️😊😊
1229cxrat 1229cxrat Feb 25
For your first language not being english, you can use punctuation better than most eglish speaking adults..
clearthealpaca clearthealpaca Jun 05, 2016
could you do one with woozi,  and add a little "the next day" part. Instead of being kind of mean toward the group, he treats them really well and just seems happy, and everyone else is confused as to why.
wOoooOozi wOoooOozi Jun 15, 2016
can i request for a Chan smut? where chan is drunk and all.. eheh and for the OC's name you can just go with Youngchan ^^ thank you!
mingyucoffee mingyucoffee Aug 18, 2016
Kim Mingyu smut , movie night and cuddling. A hot scene comes on you then u know... You're in the mood.. Hah thanks !