My Choice

My Choice

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Sumayya By So_Relatable Completed

Aliza has her life planned out according to what she wants; but will her plans change when a certain somebody stumbles into her life?

Isa never imagined on intruding on Aliza's life; but when he does, will she be happy about it? 

It's a mess and they both know it. Between trying to figure themselves and their future, fate decides to make an even bigger mess for the pair.

Question is though: Will it be a beautiful mess or an ugly one? Well, that's My Choice.

Amazing cover credits go to @Cloudland

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maisha77 maisha77 Jun 21
I think it's too fast for the starting a story.  sry for this comment.
sadbird17 sadbird17 Aug 17
1. I really like how u mentioned ur actions for looking at the green eyed beauty to be wrong it made me feel as if that character had respect for him self and the other. 2. I feel like u could have used more details in describing the wedding and ur isa's feelings 3. Ur doing good
lalalaraib lalalaraib Jan 28, 2016
you  can ask, alright but, she can reject. so keep that in mind, you cookie!
proudniqabi proudniqabi Jan 09
2nd time re-reading . This book is so amazing MashaAllah. 😍😍💕💕
britishflagster britishflagster Aug 07, 2016
LMAo who does he think he is? What if she doesn't like you. Whatchu gonna do, bruh? Force her?
Hellishnature Hellishnature Sep 05, 2016
Very inspiring novel..... I like the details you have added in it. You did a pretty good job through.